Thanks to StarWarsNewsNet, we have a look at a few Star Wars rumors that have surfaced today on insider Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page regarding upcoming productions. Some of this is intriguing as it contradicts previous information that has been officially released from Disney.

First, Richtman says that Star Wars: The Mandalorian & Grogu will not be shot exclusively in LA, as the cast and crew will fly to the UK for an unspecified time. This contradicts last week’s news that the film would receive tax credit from the California Film Commission. Will they be setting up a second unit in the UK, or is this outside of the 92-day window that the production was approved for to get $21M back from the state? Filming is reportedly going to start the middle of June in California.

The other film that Lucasfilm currently has in pre-production is the Daisy Ridley-led New Jedi Order movie, which Daniel says is currently casting three main leads, which include Rey’s two apprentices and the main villain. Daniel didn’t provide details on these three characters, which probably means there are any that he was privy to at the time. Richtman recently said that Angela Bassett took a meeting at Lucasfilm with regards to a Star Wars role. Could she be up for one of these parts? Time will tell…

Richtman also added that the film is not being set up as the first in a new trilogy, but it could set up a sequel. Richtman added in the comments of his Paetreon post that filming will begin later this year.

As for Disney+ news, Daniel says that Star Wars: Ahsoka season 2 is currently in the writing stages and could be targeting a late 2024 shoot, which would make sense given the production schedule for the first season and the fact that they already have most of their cast in place. If this rumor is true, Lucasfilm will probably have to announce their plans for casting a new Baylan Skoll in a few months which could be during D23 this year.

Finally, Richtman is saying that Star Wars: The Acolyte season 2 (come on, we haven’t seen season one yet) has been planned, and adds that a writers’ room has been set.

What do you think of this new information, and do you think it is legit? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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