Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Breaker, a new audiobook original written by Cavan Scott. Coming December 3 from Random House Audio (with physical and eBook editions of the script following in spring 2025), the tale finds the Jedi joining forces with marauder Lourna Dee of the Nihil. The audiobook original will feature a full cast in style of classic audio dramas, similar to past releases The Battle of JedhaDoctor Aphra, and Scott’s own Dooku: Jedi Lost and Tempest Runner, the latter also starring Lourna. You can get a first look at the cover below.

Dee, a Twi’lek descendant of Ryloth nobility, left her family behind to join the Nihil, rising to the rank of Tempest Runner and becoming one of Nihil leader Marchion Ro’s top lieutenants. Violent and unpredictable, Dee has been a thorn in the side of the Jedi, even attempting to assassinate the Chancellor; but recently, Dee and the Jedi have come to something of an understanding, especially as Lourna’s relationship with Ro has soured. It all leads to Tempest Breaker! has even more on this including an interview with author Cavan Scott, on their website!


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