This has been a hard few weeks for Star Wars actors. Michael Culver, who played Captain Needa in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, has passed away at the age of 85.

Culver’s agent, Thomas Bowington talked with Skynews today about the actor, and had this to say…

“The part in Star Wars was one of the smallest parts he ever played and became one of the biggest in his life.
“He belonged to the backbone of the nation, he wasn’t a star like a Michael Caine, but everything he did was always never less than excellent.
“He always delivered. He was one of those classic English character actors who could play anything.
“He was really old school, always on time, always committed, always prepared. Totally a professional. The drama was always on stage and on the screen only.”
Mr Bowington also touched on Mr Culver’s passion for politics and said that had he not started out in acting, influenced by his father – the late stage actor Ronald Culver – he could have ended up as a politician

In the film, Captain Needa is seen briefly aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator, serving as an officer in the Imperial Navy. Despite his limited role, his distinctive uniform and stern demeanor have made him a memorable figure among fans of the franchise.

Although Captain Needa’s backstory is not explored in detail within the films, his character has been further developed in various expanded universe materials, including novels, comics, and other media. These additional sources provide glimpses into his past and motivations, adding depth to his character and enriching the overall Star Wars mythos.

We at Outer Rim News send our condolences to the family of Michael Culver.


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