New Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket for ‘Star Wars’ Season of the Force at Disneyland


Get ready for a new popcorn bucket during Season of the Force as Disneyland! The upcoming Jabba the Hutt popcorn bucket release talks and makes sound effects! The perfect bucket to use while chowing down on some popcorn. I wonder if the Salacious Crumb part laughs out loud at you while stuffing your face full of popcorn?

Jabba the Hutt Bucket (New) (Limit two per person, per transaction; no discounts apply; available starting April 5). Available at the following locations in Disneyland:

  • Galactic Grill
  • Popcorn near Star Trader
Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket
Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket

You do not have long to wait to get this bucket, as the limited-time Season of the Force will land at Disneyland Park very soon, from April 5 through June 2, 2024! During Season of the Force you can find limited-time Star Wars attraction overlay, merch, and more, so do not miss out on this event!


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