Yesterday we learned that Jon Favreau is going to direct a new Star Wars film The Mandalorian and Grogu. Buried in that announcement was news that Dave Filoni was hard at work on a second season of Ahsoka. Well today, thanks to the official X account for Star Wars, we got our first look at some concept art from the second season, giving us an idea of where the series is headed.

If you remember, the first season ended with Baylan Skoll standing on the same spot that Ahsoka and Saben are standing on in the concept art. There are many theories about what/where the statue is pointing, but we do know the statue is based on the Mortis Gods. If you don’t know anything about that, I suggest going back to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and checking out episodes ‘Overlords’, ‘Alter of Mortis’, and ‘Ghosts of Mortis’ from season three.

It definitely seems Ahsoka and Sabine are going to be hot on the trail of Baylan Skoll and to an explanation about the Mortis statues on that planet.

Currently there is no word on when we can expect season 3, but a good guess is at some point in 2025, considering they are already releasing concept art. Are you excited for another season of the series? Leave your thoughts in the appropriate places!


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