What exactly does the average fan need to watch before they start streaming Ahsoka in August? Well, it’s a good thing Collider interviewed Dave Filoni at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, and asked him this exact question! You can either read the answer below, or check out the short interview in the video, which also includes more questions concerning the upcoming series, that Filoni slyly avoids answering…

“That’s an interesting question. I would say it’s pretty relative when you do this kind of work. One thing Jon and I are very adamant about is we try to cut it down and strip it down to keep it moving. It’s definitely a faster and more intense rule than George has. My episodes have actually started pretty long, you know, because I wrote them all, so they are a little different. Probably, relative to other stuff that I’ve written and done, like the episode “The Jedi”. If it’s gotta be tight and fast because I need the action to work, it’s gonna be shorter, but I would say they are in the same range as The Mandalorian episodes… Maybe on average a little longer, but I honestly I don’t know where they are right now, in the most recent cuts that I’ve done, but I would say it’s in the same range.”

So there you have it. It seems that a quick rewatch of Star Wars: Rebels season four will be the perfect primer before starting Ahsoka in August. So no excuses people. Go hop on Disney+ right now and check out season four. It’s only fifteen episodes. You can do it!


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