Ray Stevenson Joins the Cast of Ahsoka

Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson

It seems as though the cast of Disney Plus’ upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka series is starting to grow. In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, actor Ray Stevenson has joined the cast of the series. Stevenson is no stranger to Star Wars. He voiced the character of Gar Saxon in Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

It is highly unlikely that he will return to play Gar Saxon in live-action form in this series, as the character met his fate in Star Wars: Rebels. I am not ruling out a flashback of some kind featuring him though. Although it might be a bit of a waste to bring him back for a couple of flashback scenes.

Rumors are circulating that he will play a villain in the series, potentially some sort of Admiral in what is left of the Empire, just not Thrawn. We hope to have more on this as it becomes available.

Are you excited to say Stevenson back in the Star Wars family? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

About Star Wars: Ahsoka:

Star Wars: Ahsoka is an upcoming live-action television limited series that was announced on December 10, 2020. It will star Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ivanna Sakhno, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Hayden Christensen reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker. The show will air exclusively on Disney+. It is currently being written by Dave Filoni and produced by him and Jon Favreau.


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