With just a handful of days away from the final season premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the official site caught up with the show’s executive producer Athena Portillo to talk about this upcoming season. Portillo is also the vice president of Animation Production for Lucasfilm, which makes this article really worthy of a read.

When talking about the series, she says that Tech has always been her favorite character in the show. “I love everything about him. His wit, his directness, his intelligence, his honesty, and his logic in making the ultimate sacrifice for his brothers and Omega.”

She goes on to talk about the season 2 finale shocker. “It is not something that gets decided upon overnight,” Portillo says. “There are A LOT of discussions that also involve character development and the story building up to the point where the action/sacrifice, in this case, needs to make sense and have a purpose and not just be executed for shock value.”

She goes on to discuss her history with Lucasfilm and being mentored by Dave Filoni. If you want to read that portion, you can check out the entire article at StarWars.com, and you can watch the third and sadly, final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+ starting February 21st.


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