Hasbro’s Director of Product Design Steve Evans Provides Fantastic Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Visual Checklist


If you are looking for an all inclusive visual checklist for your Star Wars: Retro Collection and Star Wars: The Vintage Collection action figures, vehicles and playsets, then Hasbro’s Steve Evans has you covered. This isn’t an official checklist from Hasbro (even though he works there), but this is a love-letter to the action figure community and his dedication to his craft.

I am not going to post the checklist’s here, because I don’t want to take away from his hard work, and believe me… the quality of the checklists lead me to believe that this took some major time. You can check out a sneak peek of them in the embedded Instagram post below, or head on over to his website for a look at every single one of them! – Steve Evans Website.

The checklists even include yesterday’s reveal of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Escape from Order 66 set as well as the upcoming figures that will be included with the Haslab Ghost vehicle. Go over to his site and download these checklists to make sure you have all the figures in your collection.


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