Next year, Target will join Disney and Star Wars: Force for Change to recruit more schools for the UNICEF Kid Power program. Schools will receive Kid Power bands for their students, classroom tablets for syncing and tracking progress, and standards-based curriculum and content on malnutrition and global citizenship for keeping kids inspired and engaged.

The program promotes activity through fun competition. Kids wear a child-friendly fitness band that they can use with the free Kid Power companion app. They go on missions through the app, learn about new cultures, and earn points for completing activities and challenges. These points unlock therapeutic food packets that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world. The goal of the program is too save lives abroad while encouraging kids in the US to become more active.

Target will also be the exclusive retailer of the UNICEF Kid Power Band, which can be previewed in the images below.

The one-size-fits-all Kid Power Band retails for $39.99 and comes in four colors: blue, orange, and two special Star Wars: Force for Change editions in black and white. The bands go on sale at beginning Nov. 29, just in time for the holidays, and are available now for pre-order. They’ll also be available in select Target stores beginning in 2016.