From Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Sideshow presents the Imperial AT-AT Driver Sixth Scale Figure.

Most famously remembered from the Battle of Hoth, specially trained AT-AT drivers took control of the Empire’s massive All Terrain Armored Transport vehicles – or Imperial walkers – in a devastating ground attack against  Commander Luke Skywalker, Captain Han Solo and the Rebels at Echo Base.

Suited for cold climate battle, the AT-AT driver comes fitted in a standard-issue uniform, featuring a streamlined helmet connected by pressurized hoses to a life support system, and glossy white armor over a pristine grey flight suit.

Interchangeable driving gauntlets feature a com-link and allow dexterity for handling AT-AT controls, while positive gravity pressure boots keep him grounded in all situations.


Sideshow Exclusive Edition

Although typically found in the cockpit, Sideshow’s Exclusive Imperial AT-AT driver also comes armed with a vintage inspired rifle blaster (shown below) – a nostalgic feature Star Wars collectors are sure to enjoy.


Ready to serve the Galactic Empire with honor and distinction, the Imperial AT-AT driver will be an exceptional addition to any Star Wars Hoth or military collection!

Artist Credits

  • David Igo (Design)
  • Joe Allard (Design)
  • Dave Kawano (Sculpt)
  • Tim Niver (Sculpt)
  • Pia (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Jason Eaton (Paint)
  • Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)
  • Mijin Namgung (Costuming)
  • Sideshow Design & Development Team

Both the regular and Exclusive editions of the Imperial AT-AT Driver Sixth Scale Figure will be priced at $209.99, with optional payment plans available. Pre-orders begin this Thursday, October 15th.