MeUndies is bringing the Force to underwear around the galaxy. The company is releasing a new pattern for their signature “most comfortable underwear”, that will have Star Wars fans jumping the moons of Iego to own. For serious Star Wars collectors, it is just another item taking a bite out of our wallets!

Check out the new pattern for MeUndies underwear below, and visit their website to check out the different styles that this Star Wars pattern can be found on.

We hope these glow-in-the-dark Undies invigorate you to take on each day with the same fortitude as taking on the whole Empire yourself.

About MeUndies:

MeUndies sources only the finest, softest materials for their undies and work only with factories that take exceptional care of their employees. At MeUndies HQ, they’ve assembled an incredible, experienced team dedicated to all the right things. It’s all those people working together that makes their undies really special.


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