This year’s annual Rancho Obi-Wan Gala will have some fantastic Star Wars merchandise available to the highest bidders. A few of the coolest items that Funko fans will be interested in are the Solo: A Star Wars Story pop prototypes that were donated for the event.

These prototypes are pre-painted pieces used by the factory (so they would never be available to the public otherwise) for the production of the pop Star Wars vinyl figures. Funko donated five of them to help with The Rancho Obi-Wan Gala 2018.

The prototypes include, Qi’ra, Enfys Nest, Tobias Beckett, and the fighting droids 2-pack. So break out your wallets Funko fans, and help out a good cause. You can find all the details below, on how you can secure these figures for your collection!

About the Gala:

“Our 7th annual fundraising party—The Revenge of the Gala—strikes back on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. You won’t want to miss it! Rancho is a 100% fan-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit and our annual Gala is our most important fundraiser of the year—and a lot of fun to attend!

Rancho Obi-Wan serves to inspire through the preservation and cultivation of the Star Wars legacy. Our goal is to create an all-encompassing Star Wars cultural center where you can experience every aspect of this four decade-old phenomena through the most comprehensive repository of Star Wars memorabilia on the planet. Star Wars will live forever in the fan community through Rancho Obi-Wan.

Attend the Gala on October 20th at Rancho Obi-Wan in Petaluma, California. Explore all the nooks and crannies of Rancho at your leisure. Friendly volunteers will answer your questions. Dinner, drinks, dessert and a most impressive swag bag are included with each ticket. There are opportunities all evening to add to your collection by participating in the live and silent auctions, balloon pop game, toy store and much more. Attendance is strictly limited to 150 people and tickets sold out last year! All attendees must be age 21 or over. $250 per attendee ($150 is tax deductible*)

Participate in the Gala from afar. Can’t make it to Petaluma? No worries. You can still get a swag bag and bid on the live and silent auctions via an onsite proxy. Postage for swag and winnings will be combined and billed at the time of shipping about two weeks after the Gala. $250 includes a goodie bag mailed to you along with your purchases ($200 is deductible*) Strictly limited to 30 people. $50 donation for a membership includes bidding rights only ($50 deductible*) and there’s unlimited availability. ALL CURRENT SUPPORTING MEMBERS HAVE ABSENTEE BIDDING RIGHTS!”


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