EA CEO Andrew Wilson detailed the future of the company at a post-earnings call this morning.  Among the highlights included some new details concerning Star Wars Battlefront II.  It seems that fans will be getting much more content with the release, as compared to the release of last year’s Star Wars Battlefront game.

Wilson stated that the team has taken the feedback about the original game seriously and hopes to remedy the concerns over a lack of content with the addition of a single-player campaign and more multiplayer content.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen added that the publisher hopes to ship more copies than the original did in its first year.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives later this year on November 17 for the PS4 and Xbox One and is available for pre-order right now.

About Star Wars Battlefront:

Dark-armored troopers stand beneath the smoldering remains of the shield generator on the Forest Moon of Endor. Their faces turn skyward to the distant menace of the Death Star looming overhead, a symbol of order in a war-torn galaxy. Like the Empire itself, the colossal battle station stands immutable, impregnable, and eternal. And with a flash of white, it explodes into a midday star.

Welcome to Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II, with a new story mode taking players on an epic journey from the battle of Endor to the rise of the First Order. The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in a vast multiplayer adventure coming November 17 to PlayStation 4®, Xbox One, and Origin on PC. If you’re a member of Origin Access or EA Access, you’ll be able to start playing on November 9.