Star Wars Battlefront 2 Top 5 Wishlist


3. Space battles 

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC
Screenshot from Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Trailer

Vehicle play in Battlefront is a blast (excuse the pun) but it was missing one dynamic apsect… space. The Death Star and Scariff DLC did give us some space battles in Battlefront but for many, this was too little, too late. The problem with planetary based air combat is the map feels tiny due to being able to see your surroundings. Take the fight to space and it feels as huge as the cosmos.

Planets, moon-sized battle stations, and the such can be used as backgrounds because let’s face it, space may be awesome, but it is a bit dull without having something to look at. Plus how cool would it be to recreate the battle above Endor, dodging Tie Fighters to shoot out Star Destroyers? There you go DICE! a brand new game mode for Battlefront 2, Star Destroyers (I know, genius name, thank you)