Star Wars Battlefront 2 Top 5 Wishlist


Battlefront 2 Top 5 Wishlist

1. The Prequel era 

Battlefront 2 Top 5 Wishlist
Clone Troopers could be marching into Battlefront 2

The biggest mistake DICE made with Battlefront was not the exclusion of a campaign mode, online only games are big successes these days with Rainbow Six and Overwatch being two good examples. No, the crime they are most guilty of, completely excluding the Prequel Era. Now we are not getting into who killed who here, wait, sorry random Monty Python moment there, let’s try that again. We are not getting into what the Prequels are here, but even if you detested the films themselves, surely the actual setting deserves to be included in Battlefront 2. 

DICE has already confirmed that the next installment will be set across multiple eras, so the Prequels have to be included! Now DICE could just mean this as a way to include content from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but come on, they have to be included, if not because of the fantastic maps that would be created then for one reason alone, the Clone Troopers.

Thanks to the sensational Star War: The Clone Wars series, love for the brave soldiers of the Galactic Republic has never been stronger. The Clone Troopers seemingly always get left out of peoples hate for the Prequel trilogy as well, which again is just proof at just how damn awesome they are. The original Battlefront games are classics and still playable today but, come on, tell me you wouldn’t want to be shooting “clankers” with the graphics that 2017 has to offer.