The app, designed for children, is 100% free – no charge for the game, no adverts and no in-app purchases – and will support the brand new season of LEGO® Star Wars™: The New Yoda Chronicles, on Disney XD and The Disney Channel.

Take down AT-AT™ Walkers on Hoth™, battle Star Destroyers orbiting the Death Star™ and collect as many stolen Holocrons as you can to defeat your enemy over a range of levels featuring iconic settings and characters from the Yoda Chronicles TV series and 2014 toy range.

Players must choose their side, light or dark, to determine their path. Is their destiny to dominate the Galaxy with Darth Vader™ or become a Jedi™ alongside Yoda™ and Luke Skywalker™?

The pick-up-and-play levels provide hours of free entertainment for a younger audience. Plus, instant access to recognisable scenes and characters from the Star Wars™ universe will appeal to fans of all ages.

Expect running battles with blasters on Kashyyyk™, base jumping the pits of Utapau™, dog fighting in outer space and other challenges on your journey of exploration and discovery!

The game includes eight action packed LEGO® Star Wars™ MiniFigure levels as well as four epic space battles. Additional updates later in the year will bring even more content to the game.

About Amuzo

Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated game studio 4T2 has recently rebranded as Amuzo, merging its development and publishing divisions.

Amuzo specialise in the creation of online and mobile games for some of the most exciting global brands. In 2013, Amuzo reached No.1 on the App Store in 117 countries across various branded games, generating 200 million+ play sessions and counting.

The company is based in Bournemouth, UK and are currently working on their own IP.