The official Star Wars twitter account has just posted a very interesting map showcasing all of the Star Wars Commander players by country and their factions.  It gives us an interesting look at just which countries around the world favor the Rebel Alliance or the Empire.

According to the chart, North America, China, Russia, and Australia are more allied with the evil Empire while South America and Africa see themselves as part of the Rebel Alliance.  Another interesting fact is that the game already has 5 million players!  A fantastic achievement!

If you are playing this game, leave us your thoughts and which side you chose in the comment section below!

Star Wars Commander
Star Wars Commander

Star Wars™: Commander is an upcoming combat strategy game featuring characters, locations and technology from the Star Wars™universe. A limited early access to the game is being offered in select international markets on iOS and Android while rolling out globally later this summer for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


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