One of the hottest collectible companies around is Funko.  There product literally flies off of store shelves.  What makes them so attractive is the cute look and sheer overwhelming volume of licenses used.  You can find POP figures of anything from Back to the Future to World of Warcraft!  Of course one of their most popular lines is Star Wars.  There have been a ton of Star Wars releases, but as collectors, we sometimes want more than is currently offered, which results in custom products being created.  Case-in-point, a Bloody Wampa as customized by Alan Drummond.

Not only do fans create custom figures, but recently fans have been creating their own package designs as well!

Custom designers Riverspoons Studios have taken these fantastic figures to the next level, with their Custom Funko POP! Star Wars Packaging.  The packaging is very reminiscent of vintage Star Wars action figure packaging.  Star Wars fans are going nuts online, to acquire these, but sadly Riverspoons Studios has no intention of selling these.  They are strictly a concept design for now.  You can check out even more of their fantastic photos at their official Facebook page.

 Custom Funko POP Star Wars Packaging
Custom Funko POP Star Wars Packaging from Riverspoons Studios

Maybe Funko, should hire these people to do some variant Funko Star Wars POPs?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!