A new report featuring a throw away line from Deadline, might have dropped some major Star Wars news. The article is about Taika Waititi signing on to direct Klara and the Sun, based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s New York Times bestselling novel, for Sony’s 3000 Pictures. However, that is not the real reason we are reporting on this article.

According to Deadline, Waititi was weighing various options for his next project to direct. Ultimately he decided on the Klara and the Sun option. We all know, Waititi has been working on a script for a new Star Wars film, which by the way, was not announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023. Deadline goes on to drop this little nugget near the end of their article…

As for Star Wars, insiders say he is still excited about the project and committed to direct that next year.

A “commitment” is a pretty solid word to use in an article. Typically Deadline is right on the money with everything they report, and this seems to indicate that someone within the organization, has direct knowledge or contact with Waititi to get that information.

This is all a speculative game though. Even a reliable trade like Deadline has made some mistakes in the past. Very recently Variety interviewed Kathleen Kennedy and during the course of the interview she said that Waititi was writing a Star Wars script by himself, as he prefers it that way. That information flies in the face of the original announcement from three years ago saying that he and Krysty Wilson-Cairns were writing the script together.

Remember, everything about Star Wars films seems to be fluid. Always in motion is the Star Wars! Things change at the drop of a Filoni hat around Lucasfilm. Seeing as how only three new films were announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, and no Celebration planned for 2024, I have my doubts about this news.

In any event, keep it here for the latest rumblings from around the galaxy…


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