We have been hearing some incoming chatter coming across our various Imperial spies around the Outer Rim. Normally we would not disseminate this information to the denizens of the New Republic because we are unsure of the accuracy of the transmissions. However, we want to make sure that all information is on the table, so that you are not caught unaware in the galactic wilds! Remember to take everything below with a nice big helping of salt!

Today, Kristian Harloff offered a rather tantalizing rumor on his YouTube channel, regarding Cameron Monaghan being approached to do a live-action spin-off to the Star Wars Jedi video game series.

“Rumor, rumor, rumor… Have to say that – not confirmed! Got this from someone I’ve trusted in the past, tells me this is a thing… The rumor itself, at the moment, is that there is a Cal Kestis show in the works for Disney Plus. The rumor is that [the actor Cameron Monaghan has] actually signed on to play the character from Jedi: Fallen Order in a live-action series for Disney Plus. There’s no production dates set, but my source tells me that this is happening.”


Is this true? According to Harloff, he received this information from a source that he absolutely trusts. If true, this is great news for fan of the Star Wars Jedi game series. If you haven’t played, I highly recommend it. The gameplay is fantastic, but the story is fantastic and compelling.

Of course, why wouldn’t you turn a game that has experienced so much success into a series on Disney+. The studio went out of their way to hire Monaghan to begin with. It seems like an easy win to me.

Is this a series that you would be interested in seeing? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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