We have been hearing some incoming chatter coming across our various Imperial spies around the Outer Rim. Normally we would not disseminate this information to the denizens of the New Republic because we are unsure of the accuracy of the transmissions. However, we want to make sure that all information is on the table, so that you are not caught unaware in the galactic wilds! Remember to take everything below with a nice big helping of salt!

Some fantastic new rumors are coming out about the mystery Star Wars show set for Disney+. As you may remember, we have covered the mystery production titled ‘Grammar Rodeo‘ here before. What we think we know is that this is a show based on the High Republic era of Star Wars, focused on a group of Padawan’s with a “Stranger Things” type feel to the show. Discussing Film who revealed that Jon Favreau was onboard as a producer for the series, and that Spider-Man: No Way Home director, Jon Watts, was in talks to direct episodes of the mystery series.

Rumor site Bespin Bulletin has new info (and they seem to be right on the money with most of the rumors) concerning the production schedule for the show.

The series is just a few short months away from the start of filming, but I’ve been informed and can now exclusively reveal that the show has been in pre-production for a small number of weeks at a studio in Culver City, California where sets are being prepared ahead of the June start. The series is also due to film at Manhattan Beach Studios where The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, all filmed primarily for their respective series, and houses a volume.

Hopefully since pre-production has started, that we will get some sort of confirmation or tease about the upcoming show at Star Wars Celebration in May. Until then, keep your eyes and ears on alert here, for more information as it becomes available.


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