Star Wars: The Last Jedi finished its second weekend with a domestic tally of $100 million dollars! Taking into account that the film most likely suffered from Sunday being Christmas eve, and the numbers are even more eye-popping!

The film has now grossed $800 million globally, and it hasn’t even opened in China. China’s opening will be January 5th.

According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, the film is expected to end its theatrical run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.6 billion! That will fall about $400 million short of Star Wars: The Force Awakens $2 billion run. It would still be in the top 5 highest grossing of all time, edging out Marvel’s The Avengers.

The Force Awakens was an outlier, the likes of which we may never see again, and to compare any movie, even a Star Wars film, to that performance is unfair given the buildup to that film’s monumental release. At a gross of nearly $750 million worldwide and a near even split between the North American and international gross after a little over a week in theaters, The Last Jedi is by any measure a great success, and the passionate debate over pros and cons of the film itself serve only to show the continued passion that fans have for this historic film series,” says comScore analyst Paul Dergaragedian.

This news looks good for the finances of Lucasfilm. lt’s probably time to start planning that Solo: A Star Wars Story pr campaign now…