Star Wars: Skeleton Crew was one of the upcoming series showcased at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 last month. While a 2023 premiere on Disney+ was confirmed at the event, we now have a better idea of a release window thanks to one of the cast members. 

Jaleel White, who plays a pirate in the upcoming series, shared that information during a recent interview. “Yeah, [Skeleton Crew’s] coming out in November/December,” he confirmed, “and it’s part of the Star Wars universe.”

White announced the information during a Hockey game, which you can check out in the embedded tweet below.

Of course, we want your thoughts on this news. Are you excited to see Steve Urkel play a pirate on Star Wars: Skeleton Crew? Leave your thoughts in the appropriate place.

About Star Wars: Skeleton Crew:

An unnamed Jedi assists four children that get lost in the galaxy on an adventure. The series was co-created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford and executive produced by Jon Favreau. Directors for the series include Bryce Dallas Howard and David Lowery. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew stars Jude Law and debuts later this year on Disney+.


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