Welcome to the first edition of Star Wars Art Attack, where we bring you the coolest Star Wars art you can find on the Internet this week!  This was a little article I was doing on another site I used to run, and was the most popular column I did.  So we are going to dust this one off for ORN to share with Star Wars fans.  Once a week, I look long and hard at Star Wars art created by professionals and fans, and showcase it here to get the word out about the artist, and to let fandom get a look at some fantastic Star Wars art.  Enjoy!

First up is Yoda and Darth Vader rockin’ out in Singapore.  This fantastic piece of work is by artist Gary Choo on DeviantArt.

Gary Choo
Yoda and Darth Vader rockin’ out in Singapore by Gary Choo


Next up we have a fabulous Chewbacca piece by artist Jeremy Treece!  This is one artist you might see more of on Art Attack.  I absolutely love this guy’s style!

Jeremy Treece
Chewbacca by Jeremy Treece


Next up is a Kit Fisto head shot by artist Adam Hicks!

Adam Hicks
Kit Fisto by Adam Hicks


Next we have an official Star Wars Day print by artist Michael Babinski.  He gives us his take on the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter!

Michael Babinski
Boba Fett by Michael Babinski


Next we have a nice Star Wars tribute that features most of the cast from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, by artist Mollie Hill.

Mollie HIll
Star Wars Tribute by Mollie Hill


Next artist Hillary White gives us a nice Ewok themed piece of art that was created for an upcoming T-shirt.

Hillary White
Wicket Good Yub Nubs by Hillary White


Finally we have some artwork of a character from the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network.  Take a look at Riyo Chuchi by artist Heidi.

Riyo Chuchi by Heidi


Come back next week for another round of awesome Star Wars art from a galaxy far, far away!