If you have been around long enough, or done any research on the creation of the Millennium Falcon vehicle/playset from Kenner, then you will know of Mark Boudreaux. Mark has been the mastermind behind most of the Millennium Falcon vechiles/playsets from Kenner/Hasbro since the beginning of Star Wars. Boudreaux also helped develop the Kenner Star Wars Micro World line and the mini-rig ships during the 1980’s. Boudreaux continued to work on the Star Wars property for Hasbro through Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rebels.

Boudreaux’s likeness was used on the Endor-soldier figure, a Rebel Blockade Runner Trooper figure, and an exclusive AT-ST pilot figure. 

In January, Mark was hospitalized due to complications from COVID. He had been fighting since, but needed a lung transplant. Mark sadly passed away from the complications of COVID-19.

Mark leaves behind a legacy of Star Wars toys that have helped capture the imagination of countless numbers of kids and adults around the world. He was not only an inspiration to the Star Wars fan community, but also fellow toy designers who grew up playing with the toys he helped design.

The world is a little bit darker without his light shining. Our hearts go out to his wife Judy and family.


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