Since the day that Disney purchased Lucasfilm for a cool 4 billion, fans of the original trilogy of Star Wars films have been optimistic about getting original cuts of those films on blu-ray or DVD.  It seems that they day that happens might be getting closer.

Empire Magazine dropped a few tweets indicating that Disney is going to be re-releasing the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy, thanks to a leak by George Lucas.

Now you could be thinking to yourself, “What does George Lucas know?  He doesn’t have anything to do with Star Wars anymore!”  Well you couldn’t be further from the truth.  In actuality, George Lucas is the second largest stock holder in Disney, after the estate of Steve Jobs.  Something tells me that he has his finger on the pulse of everything that Disney does with Star Wars.

In other words, he is in the know.  We will keep our ears to the ground for those of you that have been waiting for this release.  What are you thoughts?  Leave them in the comment section below.