The Star Wars Kids YouTube channel has just released the first two episodes of the second season of Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures.

Galaxy of Creatures season two will continue to feature Aree’s charm and unending curiosity while showcasing creatures seen throughout Star Wars storytelling,” says Jason Stein, Lucasfilm creative executive in Animation Development & Production. “From the pursuit of the elusive convor on Atollon to witnessing a mother eopie care for her young on Tatooine, we hope Aree’s explorations entertain and delight fans of all ages.”

Season 2 is slated for 12 episodes with two episodes debuting every Tuesday at 9:00 AM PST on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. Go ahead and check out the first two episodes of Season 2 below.

Aree has to put his expert tracking skills to the test to find the adorable yet timid boglings.

Aree learns to navigate the perils of the Tatooine desert by observing the adaptable eopies.


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