The Funniest (and Smartest) Star Wars Parody Ever!

Star Wars Parody
If Star Wars Were Your Ex-Girlfriend

It seems like a new Star Wars parody comes out every day now, but none have been quite as clever as this new one released last week.  In this Star Wars RomCom mash-up, we see what many Star Wars fans have experienced over the years, in their relationship with the franchise in a galaxy far, far away!  The acting is top notch in this one as well, and is much better than your average Star Wars fan film.

This is a must see for Star Wars fans that didn’t quite like the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars was the girl who had it all, but she was missing one thing… her Fanboy.

Featuring: Stevie Shale, Patrick De Nicola, Max Ganet, Tyler Davis, Patrick McDonald, Peter Robel, Claire Jarvis, Emily Clouse, Khnemu Menu-Ra & Cherish Varley

Written/Directed/Edited by: Patrick De Nicola & Sam Martin

Costumes and Makeup by: Cherish Varley

Cinematography by: Maya Taseva & Victor Tan

Film Crew: Dustin Majewski & Elliot Rosen

Visual Effects by: Nick Sgarioto

Puppy Wrangler: Peter Keene