If you are a fan of the highly popular Disney Tsum Tsum line of collectibles plushies, and you are a Star Wars fan, then your worlds are about to collide. According to the instagram member @tsumtsumgang, there will be 18 Star Wars Tsum Tsum based on the original trilogy and prequel trilogy, and will hit stores February 16.  Good luck collecting these!


Leak of 9/18 tsums! Rumor is that this set is for second release of February! So cute?

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Disney Tsum Tsum is a line of collectible plushies (stuffed toys) based on popular Disney characters.[1] The name “tsum tsum” comes from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, and the plushies are designed to sit on top of each other, forming a pyramid. The toys were first introduced in Japan in 2013 as an accompaniment to Disney Japan’s popular mobile game with the same name and as of 2014 had sold 1.8 million toys. Disney began exporting the toys to the U.S. in July 2014, and in Disneyland Paris the following month. Around the same time, Disney Tsum Tsum entered the market in South Korea by giving out icons for chatting systems. —wikipedia