Simon Pegg was a guest on the latest episode of The Adam Buxton Podcastand gave his thoughts on the current state of the Star Wars galaxy. The veteran actor, including a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a guest spot on Star Wars The Clone Wars as Dengar, thinks that the imagination of George Lucas is “missing” from the current “sequel trilogy”.

“I must admit, watching the last Star Wars film [The Last Jedi], the overriding feeling I got when I came out was, ‘I miss George Lucas.’

“For all the complaining that I’d done about him in the prequels, there was something amazing about his imagination.”

“I do feel like his voice is missing from the current ones.”

If you recall, Pegg has been very vocal about his hatred of the Prequels. This almost smells of someone trying to win back a little love with fans of the Prequels, but doing it at the expense of the Sequels.

Remember friends, only Sith deal in absolutes! It’s okay to be a fan of the Original Trilogy, Prequels, Sequels and everything in between. Let’s all just love Star Wars and learn to not be so critical of everything (okay I am coming down from the soap box).


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