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Soon, a new line of clothing from the “all things bookish” brand Out of Print Clothing will resurrect some iconic first-edition Star Wars novelization covers in time for May the Fourth, with an exclusive line of T-shirts for adults and children created in homage to posters from the American Library Association available now.

Out of Print Clothing Star Wars T-Shirts
Out of Print Clothing Star Wars T-Shirts

StarWars.com has a great interview with the owners of out of Print Clothing Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc, about this fantastic upcoming line.

For the new line, Lawton and his team resurrected the original artwork of Yoda and Darth Vader from actual posters that plastered library walls. They’ve also created an all-new image in the same style — featuring Princess Leia.

“We love how the library has been able to use these pop culture icons to get kids excited,” Lawton says, and he hopes taking the art off the wall and emblazoning it onto shirts will start a lot of conversations about Star Wars and books.

An Out of Print designer also reimagined the line for a new line of stylized socks, which will be released later this year. “Readers love socks,” Lawton says. “Something that if your pant leg is creeping up, it’s a great opportunity to shout how cool you are.”

You can check out even more of the interview, and get a look at some of the new items at the source link below!


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