November 1st is going to be a big day for shoe collectors! On that day Adidas will be releasing new basketball shoes with Star Wars themes. Adidas revealed an X-Wing shoe a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday unveiled R2-D2 and Stormtrooper versions of their Nite Jogger line of shoes. You can see all the details for yourself from the information below.

There are R2-D2 and Stormtrooper versions of the Nite Jogger, for instance, as well as a Pro Next 2019 with Light Side and Dark Side graphics on each half (above). You can expect more ‘generic’ Star Wars designs if you don’t want to declare particular allegiances, although their bright colors (we’ve seen blue, green and purple so far) won’t be subtle.

It’s not certain how much these versions will set you back, or how widely available they’ll really be. However, there’s a good chance you’ll be competing fiercely with other aficionados if you want to score a pair, especially if you want them in time to impress others at that midnight Rise of Skywalker screening.

No word on pricing just yet, but you can probably expect to pay a premium for these shoes. Will you be getting a pair to strut around in? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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