Modern Technology Inching Forward to Real World Star Wars Galaxy


Okay, the headline might be a tad misleading, but to the students and teachers at the Oregon State University Dynamics Robotics Lab, Halloween got a lot cooler this year.

Their team took Cassie, which is the Lab’s next generation robot, to the next level with an added Halloween costume. The team added an AT-ST head to her body, and digitally added some blaster fire for effect. Check out the video above!

You can see Cassie without her AT-ST costume, in action below!

Are you interested in learning more about Cassie, and maybe even thinking of robotics as a career? Visit for more information!

About Oregon State University:

With steadfast determination, people from Oregon and around the globe gather to explore frontiers and solve today’s most pressing issues. Together, we innovate to deliver far-reaching solutions that guarantee the prosperity of our state and world, enriching the lives of all people. We transform learners into leaders. We are unwavering and accountable, because the world can count on us for a healthier, more sustainable future.


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