Fans of LEGOLand and Star Wars will be getting something new and exciting to look at soon.  The fine folks at LEGOLand California are building a Lego Star Wars Miniland model that will feature characters like Kylo Ren, Rey, BB-8, Finn, and the planet Jakku.

The new model will be the Finalizer and will be over 16 foot long!  This makes it the longest Star Wars LEGO Model ever built! This new model will come complete with lights, sound effects, and animation.

Visitors will be able to relive the first half-hour of the film in Lego form, with key scenes from the opening that will portray Kylo Ren’s capture of Poe at planet Jakku; Rey’s rescue of BB-8, Poe and Finn’s escape from the Star Destroyer Finalizer; and the escape from the Starship Graveyard.

The Star Wars Miniland is scheduled to open in March, 2017.

For those not familiar with it, the Finalizer is the powerful flagship shared by General Hux and Kylo Ren, the dagger-shaped Finalizer is nearly twice the length of an Imperial-era Star Destroyer. The first of the new Resurgent class constructed in violation of treaties with the New Republic, the Finalizer’s heavy weapons are augmented by two starfighter wings, a hundred assault craft and a full legion of stormtroopers. Her turbolasers are more powerful and faster to recharge than Imperial-era weapons, a product of kyber crystals harvested in the Unknown Regions.