Developing over the course of last night, a few fans spotted a glaring omission from the Lucasfilm Leadership page on their website. The normal group of leadership was on display with bios in place to learn more about each member, but Lucasfilm’s Senior Vice President, Development (and part of the highly publicized “Story Group”), is noticeably absent from the page.

A quick Google search for Kiri Hart Lucasfilm, shows that the very first listing is a bio for her that should have been linked to the Lucasfilm Leadership page ( However, her personal bio just redirects to the Leadership page.

Kiri Hart Lucasfilm Search results

This leads to some very interesting questions. One, her information could have been deleted on accident (hey I have been known to accidentally delete an employee’s information on a website a time or two), but this doesn’t seem likely.

Two she could have left on her own volition, to greener grasses in the industry (but honestly unless the work environment is horrible, what’s better than working at Lucasfilm?) Or three, she has been let go by the company.

Now fans can and probably will point to their issues with the “Post-Lucas” films as to the reasons she is no longer at the company. In fact no matter what answer comes from Lucasfilm, or Hart’s camp, that is indeed the story that most will go with, just because they want to believe that. I am not saying that, that isn’t the reason, but to me it doesn’t make sense that they would let her go now, for something that happened over a year ago.

More than likely, she left to take on new challenges at a different company, in which case we say, thank you for the Star Wars history that you have been part of, and May the Force Be With You!

Of course we will update as more information develops…



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