The site has our first official look at the cover and an official synopsis of the upcoming book, Star Wars: The High Republic – Temptation of the Force by Tessa Gratton. The book continues the story of fan favorite Jedi Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann.

With the reveal of a bold new cover from artist Grant Griffin and a first look at the official synopsis of the penultimate adult novel in Phase III of Star Wars: The High Republic, the book reunites us with Avar, Elzar, and other fan-favorites including Burryaga the Wookiee, Bell Zettifar, and Vernestra Rwoh as they hunt down Nihil leader Marchion Ro.

Griffin, who also illustrated the cover of The Eye of Darkness, specifically made this cover art brighter, while still differentiating it from other Jedi-centric covers like his work on The Art of Star Wars: The High Republic. “For Temptation of the Force, we see our protagonists sharing a quiet moment with a shroud of darkness lifting or perhaps closing in around them,” Griffin tells tells “There are plenty of covers with Jedi in action. It was a fun challenge to create a softer scene shared between two characters swept up in a galactic struggle.”

Star Wars: The High Republic – Temptation of the Force

Official Synopsis

The reunited Jedi prepare to strike back against the ruthless Nihil in this thrilling sequel to Star Wars: The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness.

For over a year, Jedi Masters Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann were kept apart by the Nihil’s Stormwall. After Avar makes a daring escape from inside the Occlusion Zone, the star-crossed Jedi are reunited. But while the physical distance between them has evaporated, their shared grief over their failure to protect the galaxy from the Nihil threat still remains. To rally the Jedi Order, and the Republic, Avar and Elzar cling to their belief in serving Light and Life. Working together they lead a daring mission into Nihil space to liberate the planet of Naboo, and show those trapped behind the Stormwall that the Jedi will never abandon them. Now back within close orbit of one another, the two Jedi Masters can no longer deny the bond that has always drawn them back together and made them stronger. After finally embracing their true desires and imbued with renewed purpose, Avar and Elzar devise a plan to turn the tide of the conflict with the Nihil once and for all. Accompanied by Jedi Knights Bell Zettifar, Burryaga, and Vernestra Rwoh, the Jedi begin their hunt for Marchion Ro. But to seek out the Nihil’s dangerous leader the Jedi will have to survive the Nameless terrors that they have thus far been powerless to stop.


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