Lost among the huge news at the Star Wars Rebels season 3 panel, was the announcement by Timothy Zahn of a new novel called Star Wars: Thrawn.  Not much was revealed of the book during the panel, other than it will be available in April of 2017.  That is almost a year, but at least fans will finally get an “in-canon” Thrawn story.  Look for pre-orders for the book next week.  Something tells me that you will definitely want to secure your copy of this book when it hits stores in April.

The waiting ends. Welcome back Timothy Zahn as he writes Star Wars Thrawn a new novel that features the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn who is also set to appear on Star WARS Rebels.

See the cover below and read the book April 2017.

Preorder will be up early next week. We didn’t want to spoil the surprise early.


Star Wars Thrawn
Star Wars: Thrawn