Good news Star Wars fans!  Marvel has revealed that they are developing an official comicbook adaptation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, during the annual ComicPRO event!  The book will be written and drawn by Chuck Wendig and Luke Ross with cover art by the super talented Esad Ribic.  The book will hit stands in June.

Discussing the added benefits of comic adaptions of cinematic material, Wending noted that “I think one of the great joys of adapting material is giving readers a new way in—sometimes that means looking at the story from a different character angle, or simply a different visual angle giving a look at the world from over here instead of over there, or even just moving the order of events so that it reveals the story in a new way. Obviously, though, at the end of the day this is such a fun, amazing narrative and to see it get the comic book treatment is a great pleasure.”

Of course, there remains the challenge creative teams face when attempting to “bottle lightning,” which Wendig touched upon: “Here, for me, is the most important thing: ‘The Force Awakens’ has in it a number of what I call Goosebumps Moments; meaning, these tent pole points in the film that give you chills. And [this story] is full of them! So, for me, the goal is to make sure we hit those really exciting beats. Let’s give ‘em chills.”

Below, you can check out some conceptual work done for the book by Luke Ross, to get a feel for how the art will look in the book.

The Force Awakens comicbook
Rey Art by Luke Ross
The Force Awakens comicbook
Poe Dameron Art by Luke Ross
The Force Awakens comicbook
Finn Art by Luke Ross