Most of the features shown in the portion of EA’s Gamescom livestream dedicated to Star Wars Battlefront 2 were already shown in the trailer, but there were a few new surprises as well as a more in depth look at the new Imperial shipyard map.  Check out all of it in our rundown of Star Wars Battlefront 2 reveals!

The stream showed the roster of ships playable for the original trilogy era:


  • X-Wing
  • A-Wing
  • Y-Wing


  • Millennium Falcon
  • Black One (Poe’s X Wing from The Force Awakens with its unique paint job)


  • TIE-Fighter
  • TIE-Interceptor
  • TIE-Bomber


  • Scimitar (Darth Maul’s ship from The Phantom Menace)
  • Slave I

This roster confirms that there will be cross era heroes and villain’s ships just like there is for boots on the ground combat. However, Kylo Ren’s Interceptor and Yoda’s starfighter are conspicuously absent (Yoda’s starfighter doesn’t even appear in the rebel’s menu, which is the only one we got a glimpse at) despite appearing in the recent trailer.

The Fondor Imperial Shipyard map was also shown. In the first stage the rebels have to take down Imperial light cruisers before progressing to the second stage where they must fly into the shipyard’s structure to blow up its shield generators. Finally, in the third stage, they have to shoot at power couplings in order to get a brief 30 second window to attack the reactor core of a star destroyer docked at the shipyard. Once this window expires, the rebels have to shoot the couplings again to get another opportunity to damage the star destroyer. Interestingly, unlike the first game, AI controlled rebel corvettes and imperial turrets floating in space will shoot at and damage enemies and objectives, but can be destroyed by players.

About Star Wars Battlefront 2:

Star Wars Battlefront focuses on the fast frenetic battles that you love in the star wars saga. Fight dozens of troopers alongside memorable heroes like Darth Vader each with unique skills and attributes. Chances are you’ve already played the first one and Battlefront 2 promises to deliver where it fell short. You want a story mode? You want clone troopers? You want deeper gameplay? The team at DICE seems to be trying to please the fans with this one (unless you wanted those fun 32v32 battles from the originals).