Star Wars: Battlefront II was not quite the juggernaut out of the gate that EA was hoping for this year. Mostly due to fan backlash over microtransactions announced for the game, fans never hopped on board the Battlefront II train.

In an investor call yesterday, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen broke down some of the sales numbers for the game. Battlefront II is trailing it’s predecessor by about 4 million copies during the same time span. The sequel sold about 9 million copies during its launch quarter, whereas the original sold about 13 million. EA had expected about 10 million sales for the game during that quarter.

During an interview with the WSJ, Jorgensen told the magazine that microtransactions would also be making its debut “in the next few months.” EA states that they believe that microtransactions have the ability to “enhance the experience in our games.”

“Going forward, we believe that live services that include optional digital monetization, when done right, provide a very important element of choice that can extend and enhance the experience in our games,” EA said. “We’re committed to continually working with our players to deliver the right experience in each of our games and live services.”

All is not bleak though. Jorgensen indicated that he thought the game would sell as many as 3 million more copies during this fiscal year. That would give them a total of 12 million copies sold, which is just 2 million shy of the first games mark during the same timeframe.

EA has said that efforts to keep players coming back is working. During the first three months of release, the game has logged over twice as much as its predecessor during the same timeframe.

About Star Wars Battlefront 2:

Star Wars Battlefront focuses on the fast frenetic battles that you love in the star wars saga. Fight dozens of troopers alongside memorable heroes like Darth Vader each with unique skills and attributes. Chances are you’ve already played the first one and Battlefront 2 promises to deliver where it fell short. You want a story mode? You want clone troopers? You want deeper gameplay? The team at DICE seems to be trying to please the fans with this one (unless you wanted those fun 32v32 battles from the originals).


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