Original Kenner Photo Transparencies Up at Hake’s Auction!


Are you looking for that special piece that no one else will have in their collection? Well, Hake’s Auction is the right place to pick up something like that! Admiral Ackbar, Anakin Skywalker, Bib Fortuna, Darth Vader, and Weequay Kenner transparencies are up for auction. These pieces were used to produce the card art for the Kenner Star Wars action figures.

7-7/8×9-7/8″ transparencies featuring Star Wars characters that has been size matched for Kenner’s Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi cards as well as unproduced Power Of The Force cards. The transparencies have the character name at the bottom along with “70%” sizing notation. Exc. Comes with notarized Collectible Investment Brokerage (CIB) COA. From the Tad Moore Collection.

Below you can see an example of the Admiral Ackbar piece.

You currently have about 20 days left to bid, with each one starting at $1,000.00! Now is your chance to own a special piece of Kenner Star Wars history!


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