As a child, I always anxiously awaited the arrival of the start of the school year.  I can remember going school shopping and getting to pick out my school supplies which consisted of cool erasers, pencils, notebooks, and more!  I fondly remember the various Return of the Jedi erasers, shaped like characters from the film, such as Darth Vader, the Emperor’s Royal Guard, and Wicket.

The coolest item in my 7-8 year-old-eyes was the spiral notebooks I got to pick out for school.  These typically consisted of Star Wars themed covers.  I probably thought that ideas spewed forth a little more freely underneath the cover of Star Wars, or more than likely so I could brag that I had a Star Wars notebook.  Either way, it was all part of the Star Wars experience whether we actively thought about it or not.

Now your kids can have that experience as well.  With the return of new Star Wars films to theaters, you can expect all sorts of Star Wars themed merchandise including new spiral notebooks.  Thanks to Twitter and Jett R., we have a look (although the store would not let him buy them yet) at four upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens spiral notebooks!

As you can see each one represents a different look from the new movie.  There is a droid-themed cover featuring BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 (with Rey stuck in there just for fun), Kylo Ren and the First Order, a single First Order Stormtrooper’s mask, and a Chewbacca themed cover.  If you want your kids to be the coolest ones at school (and more important giving them awesome Star Wars memories), then pick these up September 4th, when we are finally allowed to purchase them.