Those born in 1977 not only have one, but two things to celebre this year. You know it’s also the 40th Anniversary of the most important galactic saga of all times? YEAH! This year Star Wars celebrates its 40th anniversary and SDToys want to join the event with an amazing deluxe set of 3 Mugs with the 40th anniversary logo and the Rebel and Empire symbols as well.

This set is truly special for many reasons. For starters, every symbol in the mugs is laser cut and engraved; the color of the mugs is a deep Matte black and it comes in a dedicated box with a glossy-satin print and magnetic lock to easy open/close. Limited to 3000 units, includes a hand written certificate. If you’re one of those true fans with a ‘strong force connection’, this item has to be yours!

The only bad thing about this set; it’s a European exclusive.  I am sure some of you hardcore collectors can figure out a way to import it though 🙂

About SD Toys:

SD Toys was created from SD Distribuciones, a distributor of action figures and all sorts of merchandise related to the worlds of comics, cinema, videogames, and music. SD Toys seeks to fill an existing void by producing high-quality products with licenses that are true living classics. Those licenses will always be in demand. You’ll be pleased with the quality and detailing of this company’s offerings!