Sideshow Collectibles has revealed official photos and pre-order information for their upcoming Life-Size Kylo Ren Bust! #ad  The bust will set you back a cool $1,150 smackaroos! This immaculate piece will be well worth it though, and the center piece of a fantastic Star Wars collection.

Pre-order your Star Wars Kylo Ren Star Wars Life-Size Bust Sideshow Collectibles today!

Prepare to bow to the might of the First Order- Sideshow is proud to present the Kylo Ren™ Life-Size Bust.

Measuring 29” tall, this bust captures the ruthless and intimidating presence of Kylo Ren, a dangerous student of the dark side of the Force. Following his grandfather’s storied legacy, Kylo Ren has a highly accurate and intricate helmet sculpt, complete with details of weathering and battle-damage as seen in the newest Star Wars trilogy.

Kylo Ren has tailored fabric garments, with the textured material forming the hood and cloak at his shoulders. The Kylo Ren Life-Size Bust can be displayed with the hood up or down, allowing you to customize your ultimate Star Wars display.