The major player behind the success of modern action figures and huge movie/consumer product tie-ins over the last four decades plus, was the original Kenner Star Wars action figure line. From the moment the figures debuted on store shelves, the pop culture and toy worlds changed forever.

The Star Wars action figure 5POA (5 points of articulation – head, shoulders, and legs) have been a staple of every single Star Wars filmed released, until now.

In a recent Google Hangout question and answer session with Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team members Patrick Schneider and Sam Smith, the duo discussed many aspects of the Star Wars brand, including those famous 5POA figures.

Unfortunately through the course of the chat, the team made it clear that the 5POA figures are done for now, but that they are looking for ways to address the collector’s market.

J.B.: The canellation of the 5POA basic assortment left a void when it comes to smaller vehicles and creatures, how are you going to compensate for this? Will we see more figures, creatures or vehicles in TVC (compared to 2018/2019)?

Answer: It’s something that the team is talking about, the Galaxy Of Adventures line is the kid-focused line now which will move forward. It was mentioned that they’ll see how the Vintage Collection line will do this Fall at retail and if there is a great response we will likely see an increase. 

J.B.: More a statement than a question, the cancellation of the 5POA basic assortment left a void not only for kids but also collectors. It was the only way to get figures such as Quay Tolsite, Moloch, Qi’Ra, Beckett, Val etc… 

Answer: We went into a direction with Galaxy Of Adventures which was best for the kids, but we are aware that there is a lack for the adult collector. We are discussing ways how to address that. 

Now that it is official, what are your thoughts about this? Do you want more 5POA figures, or are you happy with The Vintage Collection? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

About Hasbro:

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