Hot Topic Online Exclusive Kylo Ren Hikari Figures Coming Soon

Kylo Ren Hikari
Hot Topic Exclusive Kylo Ren Hikaris

Get ready for a fast clicking finger folks.  Hot Topic has announced not one, but two online exclusive Kylo Ren Hikari figures hitting their stores soon.  You will probably have to be fast to get these, because the numbers are extremely limited.  These are also the first Kylo Ren figures in Hikari form!

Up first is a “Rage” Kylo Ren.  This one has a great red paint application and is limited to only 250 hand numbered pieces.  Now you might think that is extremely limited, but you haven’t seen the next one yet…

Kylo Ren Hikari
Rage Kylo Ren Hikari


The second Kylo Ren Hikari figure is a “Onyx” Kylo Ren.  This piece is strictly limited to only 150 hand-numbered pieces!  Wow!

Kylo Ren Hikari
Onyx Kylo Ren Hikari

No information as to when to expect these to go live, only that they would be available in May.  That could mean right now, or at the end of the month.  I guess you will have to keep checking their website for that exact time.  You can check out their video below which features a ton of other cool non-Star Wars items for the month of May.

April showers bring… exclusive May collectibles! Get ready to watch your collection grow, ‘cause HT Nerdette has a bunch surprises in store for you. Happy shopping!

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