Bandai is known for some fantastic models, and as of late, have been adding some seriously nice Star Wars vehicles to their portfolio.  Now they are releasing a General Grievous kit.  The closest thing to a model of this character that we have, is LEGO’s General Grievous.  The Bandai General Grievous is here to fix that.

The new kit should be available July 2017, and will be a 1/12 General Grievous model kit.  It will sell for 4,860 yen or about $45.00.


  • Light Saber × 4 (blue × 2, green × 2)
  • Nonwoven fabric (mantle) × 1
  • 4 parts for reproducing parts × 1 formula


About General Grievous:

(born Qymaen jai Sheelal) is a villain from the fictional Star Wars universe. He is a general of the Confederacy of Independent Systems’ army and an enemy of the Republic, especially the Jedi. Though a member of the Kaleesh species, his physical body is a fusion of a powerful robotic structure and an organic brain, nervous system and sensory organs.