With recent reports of the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Acolyte debuting this June, it should come as no surprise that with just a few months out, marketing for the series would start to ramp up. No marketing blitz for a series would be complete without a trailer to go with it, so it should come as no surprise that according to scooper Cryptic HD Quality, a trailer is currently being put together for the show.

If you are wondering, Cryptic HD Quality has a proven track record in the scoops game, so I would say this is most likely true. Given that we are only three months away from the supposed release date, it also just makes sense.

Even though reliable sites like Collider have reported that the series will debut June 5, Lucasfilm has not officially commented or released that information.

Cryptic also reports that the runtimes for each episode are nowhere near the rumored sixty minutes that have been making the rounds on the Internet. He says it fluctuates a lot, and they are typically between thirty to forty-five minutes in length. He also states that since we are a few months out, those time could change.

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