New TIE-Fighter Accidentally Revealed?

Star Wars: Episode IX

If you have been keeping up with all of the news coming from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (and there has been a lot of it over the past few days), then you might have noticed, or actually missed a tiny preview of what looks to be a brand new TIE-Fighter on display.

WARNING – This thing could potentially be in Star Wars Episode IX, so if you want to stay spoiler free then don’t go any further. However, it was in some marketing material for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, so the choice is yours.

The photo (which you can see below) of the new ship was shared on Reddit. ABC News’ Clayton Sandell attended the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge preview and confirmed that the ship was described as appearing in an upcoming movie, even if Star Wars Episode IX wasn’t explicitly confirmed at the event. Star Wars Episode IX is the only movie that we know of, that is officially in production, so it is a safe bet that this is from that movie.

“That’s where the TIE fighter is parked and it is an awesome TIE fighter. A brand new TIE fighter that nobody has ever seen before,” Sandell shared with Star Wars News Net. “And they hinted you’re going to see this TIE fighter in a new movie. I am guessing Episode IX. It’s a really cool design. It combines, if you could imagine Kylo’s shuttle kind of shrunken down into a TIE fighter look.”

According to Sandell, the ship is being called a TIE-Echelon. From the photo above, you can see that this ship takes a lot of its design from other ships in The First Order/Empire armada. There is a little Vader’s TIE, some Kylo Shuttle, with a pinch of Imperial Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle thrown in to boot.

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